Bio Industry

The bio industry comprises the use of renewable biological resources from land and sea, like crops, forests, fish, animals, and micro-organisms to produce food, materials, and energy.

We have experience in several projects related to the bio industry, such as ICT-BIOCHAIN, which aims to identify opportunities for the Information and Communication Technologies to increase the efficiency of biomass supply chains; URBIOFUTURE, an initiative to boost careers in the bio-based industry, and its follow up BIOBEC; MPOWERBIO, which implements capacity building strategies to help SMEs find investment to get from idea to business; and BIOSWITCH, which supports and helps brand owners to switch from fossil-based to bio-based approaches.

Other projects related to the bio industry are AGROBRIDGES, an initiative to empower local farmers and to connect them with consumers; IFISHIENCI, which is boosting smart aquaculture; and GREENER, whose objective is to develop integrated systems for effective environmental remediation.


Advanced Materials

The search for more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques is key in our current society. At Sustainable Innovations we are involved in several R&D projects advancing technologies that are used for production of advanced materials, especially in the replacement of plastics and metals with ceramics and composites in high-performance applications.

Some of these projects are LIGHTCOCE, which seeks to offer an open access Ecosystem for upscaling and testing multifunctional lightweight concrete and ceramic materials; LEE-BED, which works to accelerate the development and manufacturing of nanomaterials and lightweight embedded electronics. Likewise, BE-SMART is working to boost new cost-effective building integrated photovoltaic product concepts with high quality architectural design.



Leveraging renewable energy sources and energy efficiency is key to mitigate climate change and accelerate the green transformation. At Sustainable Innovations we are part of several initiatives related to energy efficiency, such as SPEEDIER, which facilitates energy audits in SMEs; SUPER-HEERO, which fosters innovative funding schemes for energy efficiency in supermarkets; SOWHAT, whose tool will ease Waste Heat and Cold recovery and reuse; and HP4ALL, an initiative that will provide the skills required for high quality, optimised Heat Pump installations. Likewise, BE-SMART is working to boost new cost-effective building integrated photovoltaic product concepts with high quality architectural design.


Circular Economy

At Sustainable Innovations, we look beyond the current take-make-waste production models, and we want to boost a circular economy that accelerates the transition towards a regenerative growth model that gives back to the planet more than it takes, reducing the society’s consumption footprint.
Several of the projects we are involved in are thriving the path for the circular economy. For instance, UPLIFT aims to design new polymerisation routes to upcycle plastics food and drink packaging with better end-of-life characteristics, while CATCO2NVERS will create added-value chemicals from bio-industrial CO2 emissions using integrated catalytic technologies; PERFORM is developing and constructing a highly versatile and modular electrochemical PowerPlatform for the valorisation of biomass; and RECYCALYSE is manufacturing highly active sustainable oxygen evolution catalysts. Other projects we are part of revolve around the recycling of advanced materials. For example, REMADYL aims to recycle the so-called “old PVC”, while PLAST2BCLEANED develops a human and environmentally safe recycling process for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment plastics.


Industry 5.0

The Industry 5.0 goes beyond the Industry 4.0 in its highlight of research and innovation as drivers for a transition to a sustainable, human-centric, and resilient European industry. While the Industry 4.0 focused on increasing the efficiency and flexibility of production through new technologies such as digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, the Industry 5.0 aims to leverage them to improve social fairness and sustainability.
At Sustainable Innovations we are part of different initiatives related to the industry 5.0, such as DEFACTO, which aims to revolutionize the cell manufacturing industry for electric vehicles, and HEROES, which will develop and demonstrate a disruptive hybrid high power/high energy stationary storage system for fast charging of electric vehicles.

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